Antal Kerpely Doctoral School of Materials Science and Technology


Within the framework of the Antal Kerpely Doctoral School of Materials Science and Technology at the Faculty of Materials and Chemical Engineering of the University of Miskolc, in the 2023/24. fall semester approximately 85 students (55 hungarian and 35 foreign) continue their doctoral studies.
The doctoral school currently covers the following subject areas:

  • Material informatics
  • Plastic forming of metals
  • Metallurgy, heat treatment
  • Interface and nanotechnologies
  • Chemical processes and technologies
  • Chemical metallurgy
  • Ceramics and technologies
  • High-temperature equipment and thermal energy management
  • Foundry
  • Polymer technology
  • Space Science and Technology

The research topics defined in all scientific fields related to metals, polymers and ceramics and their composites, as well as processing and forming technologies, provide many tasks for all researchers.
In this publication, we provide a comprehensive picture of the doctoral research currently being carried out at the doctoral school, allowing a little deeper insight into the individual stages of the research, including the work of the students.

The annual publication of our publication provides an opportunity to follow the progress of individual researches.

In the issues, the researchers’ publications can be found grouped according to the subject areas indicated here.

Datas and archive of the journal

Folyóirat neve (magyarul): Doktorandusz Almanach
Folyóirat neve (angolul):  PhD Students Almanach
Kiadó:  Miskolci Egyetem, Anyag- és Vegyészmérnöki Karának kiadványa/Publication of the University of Miskolc, Faculty of Materials and Chemical Engineering
Kiadásért felelős/Responsible for publishing: Prof. Dr. Palotás Árpád Bence
Szerkesztő/Editor: Dr. Kocserha István
ISSN szám: ISSN 2939-7294
Megjelenés gyakorisága / Frequency of appearance: Évente egy - két alkalommal / Once ot twice a year