Antal Kerpely Doctoral School of Materials Science and Technology

Complex exam

Innovation. RESULT.

Doctoral students must take a complex exam at the end of the 4th semester.

The date of the exam is designated and made public by the Council of the Doctoral School at least 2 weeks before the exam.

Requirements of registering to the Complex Exam:

In the case of scholarship and correspondence students:

Obtaining 90 credit points consisting of:

  • Certified completion of the 4 compulsory and optional subjects;
  • 3 research seminar presentations;
  • gaining at least 10 credit points from publications.

In the case of individual preparers:

Obtaining 90 credit points, which you can complete by taking the exams prescribed by the Doctoral Council and by publishing

The process of applying for the exam

  1. Register to „Complex planning” course at the beginning of the actual semester.
  2. Gaining signature of “Complex planning”, that has the following requirements: submitting in written form the „Research progress report and plan” and oral presentation of it.
  3. Submitting the filled-out application form with annexes in written form – with signatures –
    and electronically at the Dean’s Office before the end of the
    study period of the semester. The attachments are:
    The proof of the 90 credit points is issued by the Dean’s office with the Head of the Doctoral School’s signature;
    B. From the Google Scholar print out a list of publications and its references;
    C. Supervisor’s recommendation
    D. Scientific research progress report and plan

Structure of the Complex Exam

The language of the complex exam is either Hungarian or English.

The exam consists of 2 major parts:

  1. Theoretical part: the candidate has to take exams in at least 2 subjects related to his/her research field. The subjects/fields of the exams are given in the Training Booklet of the doctoral school.
  2. Research progress part: The doctoral student presents his scientific research report and plan in a presentation and – before the exam – in writing. The length and form requirements of the written report are approved by the Doctoral School Council.

The exam must be taken in public, in front of a committee of six people. The members of the committee are appointed by the Doctoral Council.

During the exam, a protocol is drawn up, in which the examinee’s work is classified in detail, also from a scientific point of view.

Evaluation of the complex exam

  • The result of the exam must be announced on the day of the complex exam.
  • The Examination Board evaluates the theoretical and dissertation parts of the exam separately and decides its approve by 1-5 scores.
  • The complex exam is successful ifthe candidate reaches at least 60% of both sections.
  • The assessment has two stages: pass or fail.
  • If the exam fails, the PhD student may take the exam once more at a given time in the current semester.
  • In the case of an unsuccessful dissertation exam part, the doctoral student can re-submit an application for a complex exam to be organized later with individual preparation, which, if successful, can enter the second stage of self-funded training.
  • In the case of an unsuccessful complex exam, the student’s legal relationship is terminated on the day of the failure or failure of the obligation.